Company Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

Promote innovation for shared well-being in our communities

Core Values

  1. Curiosity – Develop unrelenting inquisitiveness and understanding
  2. Critical Thinking – Systematic
    1. Recognize Interconnectivity – Seek Systems-level understanding
    2. Identify ambiguity and uncertainty
    3. Experiment and extend knowledge
  3. Productivity
  4. Embrace change – Ex., Adapt as technology, environments, and customer-needs change
  5. Be proactive and take ownership
  6. Seek continuous improvement – Ex., Understand, Target, Act, Measure, and Iterate.
  7. Make a Positive Impact
  8. Communicate honestly, clearly, and with compassion
  9. Promote Alignment (seek synergy)
    1. Ex., Align “Values, Strategy, and Goals”
    2. Ex., Combine people’s strengths through teamwork to amplify benefit.
    3. Ex., Understand motivations of customers and stakeholders
  10. Value Every Contribution